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The primary objective of PESCI CAMPING STORE is the complete and sincere customer satisfaction. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can immediately request the right of withdrawal
But it's mostly in post-sales where our TEAM manages to do its best.
As soon as your package arrives, it checks whether everything is compliant both as holes and as integrity. If there were parcel number issues
We recommend NOT to withdraw anything and call us later indicating the problem. If you do not know the number of parcels that contain your order, search for one of these a transparent window boxed BARTOLINI that contains inside a sheet. In the upper left there is clearly written in a cell called "COLLI" what you are looking for.

If the packs are open or damaged, we ask you to collect it all but indicate the defective condition of the parcel. Example "RETIRED WITH CHECK VALUE AS A PACK IS ROTATING".

From receipt of goods you have 15 days to check whether everything is ok or there are problems, breaks, omissions. In any case, you may contact us directly via FAX: +39 055 204 90 16 or via mail at
Once we get in touch we will be dealing with coming to your house to pick up the broken, damaged or missing piece and get you the right piece and check and apology for the discomfort

If during the first year from the purchase of the product this has problems of various kinds, contact us directly via FAX: +39 055 204 90 16 or by mail to indicating the nature of the problem. Then send the damaged part to:
Via Volterrana, 5
50124 Galluzzo - FIRENZE

Inside the pack, remember to include both a copy of the Product Purchase Bill and a sheet explaining the problem you have encountered: our staff will thank you.
If the product is in Warranty, you will be repaired whenever possible or replaced and returned for free at home.
If, on the other hand, the product does not appear in the Warranty for expired or unrelated issues, we will contact you to let you know how we will proceed. In this case, you will be charged for redeeming charges.
In both cases, the costs of delivery to the PESCI Support Center are the responsibility of the Customer.

Our goal is your 100% SATISFACTION

Web contacts


  • For any request, assistance is provided via e-mail, click here to access the service form

  • Fax: +39 055 204 90 16