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Nemes Suede Ws Gt Low Brown Magenta

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  • Pesci Code: 80504
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80504-37,5 - Nemes Suede Ws Low Gt Brown Magenta37,5
€ 140,00

80504-38 - Nemes Suede Ws Low Brown Magenta 38 Gt
€ 140,00

80504-39 - Nemes Suede Ws Low Brown Magenta 39 Gt
€ 140,00

80504-40 - Nemes Suede Ws Low Brown Magenta 40 Gt
€ 140,00


    - Made with selected materials and high quality ', all traceable origin
    The eyelets are made with a craft process through the insertion of a single loop snare on both insignia
    - Technology GORE-TEX
    Special membrane, which contains about 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square cm
    20,000 times more 'smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times more' larger than a water vapor molecule
    cosi 'while the sweat in gaseous form easily escapes the water can not penetrate
    - Technology IMS - Internal Midsole System
    E 'an exclusive technology used by Aku in the construction of the mounting insole, which combines the traditional support str...[continue]

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