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Maiorca 3x3 White

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  • Product Code: GA-22013.B
  • Pesci Code: 140575


    - Gazebo in steel with verniacitura to dust of excellent quality
    Impermeabilita - guaranteed 1000 mm
    - reinforced structure of section 1.5 mm
    - iron structure squared 30 mm
    - The Fabric Polyester Oxford PVC Coated 300 gr/mq with respect to common sheets of Gazebo is more spread (300 gr/mq) and then with a tear resistance and weather greater
    - Height adjustable to three positions
    - joints in robust ABS
    - there are no rivets but components are screwed

    - Size: 300x300 cm
    - Height adjustable to three positions
    - Case Size: 25x27x157 cm
    - Weight: 27 kg