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Ultralite Double Bivy

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    - The Ultralight Bivi from Mountain Equipment and 'literally ultralight
    - Weighs only 200g
    - Closed and 'small like an apple (12,5x6,5 cm)
    - The interior and 'coated with reflective aluminum comparable to a first blanket rescue. Therefore, the loss of heat by radiation and 'almost completely reduced (retains more than 90% of the hot radiation from the human body). Unlike a rescue blanket and 'antiventovento sysytem to prevent humidity' and waterproof
    - Open size: 152x213 cm
    - Dimensions Closed 12,5x6,5 cm
    - Weight: 200 gr
    - Bivy and 'the BEST SELLER Mountain Equipment leader for mountain lovers and extreme!